If you would buy a bok, what was your standard? There are many books that could be bought and every one of them has different genres. Let us exclude books that are needed for the academics and schools. If you will buy a book for your entertainment then what it should be? Many or most people would choose one in according to the genre of what they want. It could also be the genre that has been recommended by others. But surely one that has influenced you to make the choice is the genre that you like.

There are fiction and non-fiction classification of books that you can choose from and they are also divided into many sub-genres. Let us know some of those genres. It includes¬†action and adventure,¬†romance, mystery, drama, science fiction, horror, satire, guide, health, travel, poetry, encyclopedias, dictionaries, children’s, history, cookbooks, journal, and many more. As it has man genres so you may not know what to choose but one is sure if you will buy one. Buy the one you like.

Make sure you will buy one that you like or that you will use so that it will not just be one that will occupy your drawer or be piled up in your house. Even if you have the money but it would just be a waste to see stocks of a book not being read. If you are making your own collection then you need to have knowledge of it to make it right and productive. Let the books serve their purpose of being written and published.