We usually associate expression of opinion in editorials of newspaper or in debates and other forms of writings but it has gone to a new level when the internet came into life. Expressing your opinion is easier in these days as compared to the past that you should have the courage to comments on issues that involve influential people. Now it is different. In terms of other topics, you could also express your opinion but the media is limited. Now it has been opened wide by the birth of the internet.

You can make your own webpage and put all you want there. You can also choose to write blogs and put your opinion there. The social media is also a way that is very easy where you can point your opinion in almost all matters. You can even have your own product review blog or travel blog and record your own first-hand experience. It could be negative or positive experiences and opinion that you can freely post and upload.

Even if there are limitations in some formal publications but it has become more open to express an opinion at this time. If you happen to see something happening then you can take an image or video and posts it and put your comment in it. Other people could also give their own comment and it could be positive or negative ones. The problem with today’s system is that there is fake news that people could just spread it believing it is real.