Among the books that was published all over the world, one of the best selling books is the romance novels. And among the romance novels that was written long time ago, there are those romance novels known as the best seller. In this article, we will be mentioning few of those books.

Most of the romance novels are intended for young readers and also adults who believe in true love. Some of the romance books to be mentioned here were developed into a hit movie.

The Shoemaker’s Wife written by Adriana Triciani is very well reviewed by critics. And many readers loved this book too. It is all thanks to the effort and diligence of the author. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is another best selling book that caught the attention of teenagers and also adults. The story is also happening in reality. Feverborn which is a fever novel is another book known to be a best seller.Find some of the best novel in China. Get a chance to pay for your visa fee over this agency which is a big less to your expenses, check this link It ends with an exciting cliffhanger that caught every readers interest.

Also, the romance novel entitled The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende caught the attention of many readers. Fifty Shades Trilogy is another romance novel written by E.L. James and even sold out millions of copies throughout the world. This proves that many readers love the story of this novel. Also, the novel entitled For Whom the Bell Tolls written by Ernest Hemingway is a best seller in 2016. And that is the reason he travels the most. Process his papers and documents even renewing his visa from this company go here If I Stay is also included in the list and was even developed into a hit movie.