If you like to read novels, you may also develop the desire to be able to write one. I remember when I have classmates who are friends and they decide to write their own stories which have the theme of love. As they are still in their teens so they have that passion in them and excitement and so they each started to write their own and allow each other to read it even if it is not yet finished. I had fun also as I read them.



I was close to one of their friends and so they let me read all their works while it is still in the process of being written. I appreciate at that time that they could write a good story and their imagination is very good. Now I do not know if among them there is one who continued to write.

One of the concern when writing a novel is the scene that you have to write. The scene could make the story exciting or boring.

You have read the infographic and have seen the guide that was made that is also helpful for you if you want to write your own book. Tips are important if you do not have any idea and experience in writing a book. That is because there are points that you may start at the wrong beginning and it would make it complicated that you should start again so that the story could proceed to have a good conclusion or ending.