There is a divided opinion on literature and society. Others say that the society shapes the literature and others say the opposite. That is because of the difference of perspective and what had happened. People have understood the part that the society is shaping the literature because what is written is the current culture or environment or situation. That would become the basis or one that could be used to know what is the life before in the era the literature piece was written.

The things emphasized by the writer is what had touched him and influence him or her to be able to produce that writing. So they say that the society influenced the literature. On the other hand, the opposite is what others also emphasized. Literature is giving influence to the society. That is because there are writings produced that became the reason why people have made something. An example is that a story was written showing or exposing the current situation of the world and that gives rise to the concern of people.

They were affected and so they want to do something about the situation. They do not want to just watch what is happening but they now want to have an active participation.

These two opinion is correct in their respective arguments because there are already events that had happened that were the basis of the opinion. It shows how things could be done in many ways. It should give us encouragement to think that we are not stuck into something forever but there must be some way.